Consider Including Hair Styling

Hair cutting and hair styling are two different professions which have many relative gray areas. It has become difficult to differentiate the two from each other as both have borrowed various aspects from each other. Hair styling is the designing of different hair looks using hair products or simply just plaiting. Barbering, on the other hand, is the cutting of hair and beards using a simple blade or electronic shaver, just like “Delaware Barber Shop | Get Your Hair Cut” does.

Many people in the hair industry especially barbers have been wondering if it is necessary to combine the two and the answer is a definite yes. Lately, barbering has become a part of styling with the introduction of various hair designs and appliances which people tend to prefer rather than just cutting their hair. Barbers stand to enjoy many benefits by applying styling in their shops. This article highlights some of these benefits.

One benefit is gaining customer loyalty in knowing that they can get a variety of services under the same roof. Some different hair styles include a cut and then styling afterward. In such a case a customer will prefer to go to a barber who can handle both tasks involved in completing the hair style instead of first going to a barber and then to a stylist. This also shows that a barber is focused on his work and clients will entrust their need to such a person. And just like electronic cigarette deals like the coupon code for SmokelessImage, you can also usually get a discount for a haircut with a military ID or other avenues.

Another advantage of this is the possibility of increasing customer numbers. Previously, only men are accustomed to visiting barber shops for a haircut. Once a barber incorporates hair styling in his shop, he has an opportunity to increase clientele by providing styling for women.

Assume a case where a man and his wife want their hair catered to. Traditionally the man goes to a barber shop while the woman goes to a stylist. However, if the man knows his wife can enjoy the same service at the barber shop, he will recommend it to her and in turn, she can further recommend it to her friend. This can save the barber promotion cost and time in the long run.

Barber shops that provide haircuts and styling are usually sorted after by colleges that offer training in both. This is beneficial to a barber as he can collaborate with such a university to provide internships for students. This provides cheap labor for the barber and also gives him an opportunity to apply the latest styles in his shop. This intern leads to customer satisfaction which with time turns a client into a loyal customer. Some colleges even provide hair products to stores that provide their students with attachment opportunities which reduce the cost of operating business.

Fashion show planners and event organizers are also fond of such barbers. This is because both male and female models, as well as performers, can be serviced by a single entity. In a case where the barber provides quality service, his shop can earn a lot of money regularly from such events. This over time becomes a marketing gimmick which can improve the popularity of the shop and even enable a barber to create a chain from the contracts he or she gets.

By combining both barbering and styling, a barber can experiment different types of haircuts and styles by combining both professions together. Some of the most common stylistic haircuts were innovated this way. An example of such is the jelly curl which was a major hit in the 80’s. Today, many barbers have invented the different world renowned styles which have been the talk of the world. In turn, this has led to a barber having a variety of different skills in both barbering and styling because one gets to borrow aspects of each profession. Over time, the barber can even become a hair consultant for actors or production companies. Some barbers have even gone to the lengths of opening hair styling colleges as a result.

Hair styling is slowly taking the place of hair cutting. As a result, many barbers are going out of business as people have become accustomed to styling especially men. By combining both, a barber can enjoy the security of knowing his or her business is secure from closure. The barber will enjoy seeing his business thrive over time, without facing the problems other barbers who have not done this, as they struggle to keep their businesses afloat.

From the above points, any barber can see the benefits accompanied by the bringing together of both professions’ and merging them harmoniously into a single entity. Hence, every barber should at least consider the idea and get to enjoy the advantages for a long time to come.